Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writing and Living Country

Finding the Fields of Memory – June Perkins
Standing on the edge of a circle of parents
talking about how many lessons they take their children to
on the treadmill of taxi parent hood
and the dreams they have for their children
Driving past the circling hawks that
even hang out
over the local supermarket
or the carrion on the road
Midday day terrors as a cane truck drives
up behind me too fast and honks on his horn
to push me off the road
and I am driving the speed limit
on a back road home
Listening to poetry on a verandah
about places, and domestic violence,
aids and post colonialism
and treaties that hide in
big words and non meaning words
that are tinged with superiority
Staying at a friend’s house and
wandering out to take sunrise pictures
but waking the dogs
My best friend says she can’t follow more than
four blogs about things that mean something to her
there are just too many blogs and too many stories
it’s cluttered chatter if you
are pulled into the vortex of blogland
And we laugh and continue to plan our book
A room full of marking and
a loung eroom taken over by
end of year teacher stress
and my dear husband who is
in that profession so many put down
but they are underpaid, overworked
and those who care so much work so hard
if only more parents could see our lounge room flood..
Writing country
or is country writing me
with memories and somewhere are the lost youth who’ve
given up on life and I wonder
how we rewrite the country to be a place to grow and dream
and not end up speaking
of yet another suicide
By June Perkins

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unity's Beat

Balance - June Perkins


Too many have them
Poverty’s feet
Too many have them
Poverty’s feet.

Stomping and tapping,
Stamping and rapping,
Crying and dying
Poverty’s feet.

Dreaming and grieving
Searching and seeing
Unity’s beat
Unity’s beat.

Wizzing Feet- June Perkins

Too many have them
Poverty’s feet
Too many have them
Poverty’s feet.

By June Perkins

Sung for the launch of Ripple Poetry Wall Library Display

last touches to the costume
World Citizens - June Perkins

Rain Journey

This rain journeys
Vivid red banksias
Lush velvet green.

Piano it begins, then the crescendo
Rises and somewhere a gone troppo
Beat finds its way.

A giggle in the notes
Accelerando in the drops

Its cadence
Young hungry cassowary
Wild boar roaming and
Rotting children’s shoes.

Turning communities inside out
To display their dissonance
Singing eulogies for ripped out trees.

By June Perkins

Cassowary (chatting) by mail
Paulien Bats - Cassowary

Smile of this Land

We are one — we are the smile of this land
Taking our children for a run along the sands
No more waiting gonna change just what we can
I don’t wanna see tears running through millions of hands
We are one — we are the smile of this land

Children turning away from the soldiers that taunt
Human shields looking for other places to haunt
You see my hearts sick of breakin’

And this land thinks it must be wakin’
We are one — we are the smile of this land

soon we will sing
About to Sing - By June Perkins

No more trouble gonna change just what we can
Don’t wanna see more blood in these millions of hands
A mother takin’ protection wherever she can
A young man lying in a hospital bed 'cause of what he said
And this one said that he can’t change it
but she knows he can
you just gotta give more than you wanna take
gotta care for more than just your own sake

We are one — we are the smile of this land
Taking our children for a run along the sands
It’s time for healing
It’s a time for hope
Tracking through the night along the midnight coast

For we are one, we are the smile of this town
Knowing our children are important as people of renown.

You see my hearts sick of breakin’
And this land must be wakin’
We are one, we are the smile of this land

(c) June Perkins - gumbootspearlz, song lyric

Beach Ramble - By June Perkins

Guitar Hands

Elixr string
Soul ring
My blue note
Shimmering on the artist’s lake

Holds my soul ring
Finds my blue note
Gives me a heart boat.

Finds my heart's tune
Makes a coat of blue tone
Pares music back to its bones

Bends in the moonlight
Dips and dives
In the river of heart light

Saying 'let my soul wake.'

By June Perkins

Guitar Hands
Guitar Hands - By June Perkins

Journey of a Book Part 1: The Adventure Begins

Creation by Paulien Bats and June Perkins

Paulien and I have been talking about a book - a collaboration of my poetry and her illustrations. Now we are finally to action it.

Why have we talked about this? Because in highschool she used to illustrate my poems for a backpage of the school newspaper we were both involved in. Our friendship has partly been because we both love creative things.

Why have we taken so long? Hmm good question, life in general and perhaps needing to have an added impetus to 'make it so.'

Our deadline is to have it ready for the end of this year. It is almost the end of March.  Will we make it!  We are going to give it a go!

The poetry and short stories are written. Many of the pieces have been published in scatterings all over the place. Now it's time to bring it all together into a collection.

Some preliminary illustrations are done. Now I go over the poems and stories again, and perhaps have a mentor look them over. Then it's back over to Paulien who will illustrate and design the book.

I showed her some of the ideas of what I liked whilst she was visiting. She did her own research and took many photographs of North Queensland, my poetic and story home, and drank deeply of the NQLD environment.

I am to send her some my photographs to add to the design and be part of the illustrations. She will be able to have it ready for a printer or ebook transformation. At the same time I have to do the isbns, book blurbs, library catalogue and sales space.

It's time for our journey from idea and chatter, to finally become a book. I am so glad to have my friend on the journey with me.

I hope we can both do each other proud! As for finances, I have saved a bit from having a job the last 6 months with ABC Open, and I hope to put a portion towards our creation. Onward we go.

  2013-01-25 seeingpaulien 006

Thursday, January 28, 2010

city park figure

city park figure, originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz.

A visit to the city park in Launceston Tasmania took me past this city park figure a botanist, Ronald Campbell Gunn, with a gentle and soft face, immortalised and tranquil in his surroundings. I wondered that I had never remembered this statue from my childhood or youth. That is what running around with a camera does, it focuses you, and makes you capture such detailed visual images.

(C) all rights reserved June Perkins

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gone Nanowrimo.

It's been a while since I wrote on this blog. I am in the middle of nanowrimo- writing a novel month. I'll be back with some news at the end of it. Go all you Nanowrimos.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am thinking about work for an exhibition, and a competition. I love collaging that is superimposed and works in text. So here are some initial works. June (c) all rights reserved.
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